Bitcoin Dice Games

I love me a dice game. I’d say this is the fastest and prettiest way to increase your coin amount several times a week.

Also dice games are specific to Bitcoin gambling – ever since SatoshiDice was announced for the first time in April 2012 they’ve been very popular among the blockchain technology adopters.

There are literally thousands of dice games and you can create your own dice website, since there are ready scripts for that. But to make sure you will get always paid out without getting on anyone’s radar stick to the selected platforms:


primedice bitcoin dice game review

This is my go-to Bitcoin Dice game and it’ll probably be the prettiest website you see today. PrimeDice website is super-clean, lightning fast and so are the withdrawals.I’ve made a lot of Bitcoin here – I’ve lost some too but ever since I stuck to the safe betting rules there has never been bad aftertaste.

The game is provably fair so you can always check you were not cheated on, they have the verification mechanism right on their site (plenty of third-party tools as well).

We actually prepared a winning Primedice strategy overview for you. If you follow the rules outlined there you’ll be able to win dice games and make a lot of coin!

PrimeDice is definitely our site’s pick when it comes to quick and simple Bitcoin Dice games.



SatoshiDice bitcoin dice game review

SatoshiDice is the first, the most original and probably the simplest (originally) Bitcoin dice game to exist. The main pro point of this game is that there is an investment option where you can be part of the bankroll, so this can be considered a Bitcoin investment option too.

PocketDice review bitcoin dice game free faucet and bonus

PocketDice features a great realistic interface, with plenty of wood and cloth to satisfy your aesthetic needs. It has a very wide system of bonuses too which is not very typical for most other (generic) Bitcoin dice games – and that’s what makes this dice so good. There are deposit bonuses, free Bitcoin faucet-related bonuses (e.g. faucet speed) and a lot more.

Apart from PrimeDice, this is our next top pick – and if you love classic looks of your games this is 100% for you.

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It’s an OK dice game, provably fair – and has a free faucet too (get 200 satoshis once your balance is 0). The website is not as sleek as PrimeDice but the free coin faucet puts this on a to-try list.






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