Bitcoin Dice Strategy II – A Bot With A Human Twist

As I am writing this (June 15th, 2017) I am waiting for my withdrawal of 0.07 BTC from Primedice. I started out with 0.02 and grew it all the way to 0.09, and all it took was 20 minutes each day, for two days.

A profitable bet sequence with automated Primedice betting module on

Considering BTC is at $2400 at the time of writing, this makes my profits close to $216 in USD equivalent. Not bad, especially considering I’ve been following a surefire strategy that I can repeat any day I need.

Basically I am emulating and improving a Bitcoin dice bot with this strategy. I’m investing some time to sit through a lot of automated dice rolls and I step in with my human mind from time to time.

Now to the point of this improved Bitcoin dice strategy

(If you are interested in the previous Primedice strategy with manual probability sniping – click here)

Most dice game sites have an automated betting option. Primedice has basic rules for your auto betting campaign:

  • roll x/unlimited times
  • increase bet by % or reset it on victory
  • increase bet by % or reset it on loss

With any combination of these settings gamers can have a series of rolls that in the long run will ALWAYS lose. Even at 50% win chance you might have a losing roll 20 times in a row and more which is when you lose any amount you were having on your balance, because the auto betting module will be increasing your bet by some amount. Things pile up and ultimately the house wins. /remember: the house ALWAYS wins. you’re in this for short term profit, a series of small coin grabs repeated over and over again./

What all the dice bots are doing is taking all the above functions and expanding them a bit. A Bitcoin dice bot is basically a desktop app that has the same auto betting functionality as well as some extra features on top of them.

Most dice bots and clickers have the following functionality:

  • place x bets
  • increase/decrease on win/loss
  • graph and calculate bets & results
  • reset after x bets

the last one is especially important. If you are increasing bet amount with every bet you lose, there is a threshold where you can no longer place any more bets due to low balance. This is when a good dice bot will supposedly stop and reset to the smallest bet to save your balance, and that has to happen one bet BEFORE your stake is increased too much.

This is what I am basing my second Primedice strategy upon. Basically I’m babysitting the automatic betting module and stepping in whenever I deem necessary to correct the course and rake in some coin.

Here’s how it looks in practice:

1) I set up my automated betting module @ Primedice:

– 3x+ payout (i.e. win chance @30% and less)
– Increase bet by 50%+ on loss (less works too but will take more time to win)
– Reset bet amount on win.

Most of the time it has to run by itself with a minimal bet. E.g. 10 satoshi bet on loss increases to a 15 satoshi bet, on next loss it becomes 22.5 satoshis and so on, until it eventually wins and reverts back to the initial 10 satoshi bet dice roll.

If I let it run like this forever eventually there will be a losting bet sequence long enough to wipe out my whole balance. Yes, Primedice and other bitcoin dice games are provably fair, but getting over 20 losing bets with a 50% win chance is absolutely possible. We can only suppose that there can be even more losing bets in a row when you play at 30% win chance like I do.

Here’s what I do to win.

After I see a 10-20 bet long losing streak followed by a winning bet, I stop the auto betting module and increase the bet considerably, to some 10-20K satoshis. What happens is the probability of getting a long losing streak again is slightly smaller (because I’ve just had one), and I am very likely to have a winning bet within 2-5 next bets. Oddly enough, it’s exactly how it happens, kind of like the same as they say that flying after a plane crash is the safest time to fly.

So when I’m playing the “dice bot with a human touch” strategy I’m spending some 70% of the time looking at the small bets lose and win and 30% of my time raking in BTC winnings diring the times of most probably winning rolls. Usually that takes me about 30 minutes a day to make 0.02 BTC this way ($30 currently). Unless I get greedy, I never lose. But when I get greedy and impatient I can blow my whole balance in 30 seconds – and that is why it’s important to have short daily sessions.

That’s right, when you control your auto betting like that you can never lose your coins at all, UNLESS you get greedy and break the Bitcoin dice rules I outlined before. They are still very much valid for this strategy.

Focus on the short term, do not be greedy. In terms of automated betting this means: do not allow more than 5-7 bet long losing streaks while you are using elevated bets! Revert to the smallest bet even if you lost a bit. Don’t count on your future bets to “take it back” – revert to the minimal bet!

A good tip I’ve found playing this way is – have shorter sessions. This requires patience, and if you lose your temper you can lose your whole BTC balance. I’ve found that my patience is impeccable for about 30 minutes and after that I’m prone to making mistakes. Knowing that, I usually stop my dice game after raking in about 0.02-0.03 BTC in profits and call it a day. Sure if you can maintain yourself in a calm and detached state for a long time – sky’s the limit for your winnings.

Enjoy your dice games responsibly, it’s a game of chance and there are no guarantees you will win – experience may vary. Good luck!


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