Bitcoin Unlimited Node Crash – April 24th 2017

Biggest news of the week – BU has suffered a serious node crash due to memory leak. Here’s the visual representation of what happened:

bitcoin unlimited nodes crash april 24 2017

A BitcoinUnlimited source has claimed on Reddit that the nodes have been under attack, but there has been no other official commentary.

Meanwhile the Twitter BTC community has been bashing people behind BU, including Jihan Wu (Bitmain), suggesting that BU has been approaching the currect crisis for a while:

What is Bitcoin Unlimited?

If you’ve been out of the scene for awhile and missed it, Bitcoin Unlimited is the result of a hard fork that split the BTC into BU and Bitcoin Core. The latter being the “classic” Bitcoin with limited block sizes, while Bitcoin Unlimited supports unlimited block sizes, as the name suggests.

While most miners would welcome an increase in the block sizes, as we can see Bitcoin Unlimited seems a bit vulnerable to attacks and it need improvement on the software side.

Let’s see where this takes us in a couple of days. The takeaway for an average cryptocurrency hustler? Watch your markets if you are trading, things might get bouncy here and there. No investment advice here, use you head!

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