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Bitcoin is completely anonymous. You don’t have to show any ID to anyone to create wallets, and you can create wallets without an email too. With that said, buying Bitcoin for USD or EUR is going to require giving up some anonymity, because you’d have to go through some exchange, and exchanges are registered financial institutions one way or another.

With that said, the best place to get your Bitcoin and remain anonymous is LocalBitcoins.Com.


buying bitcoin on

This website is connecting Bitcoin buyers and sellers locally. All of them operate on different scale and anonymity level. Some charge more per 1 BTC but don’t ask for anything, some have a better price and ask for e-mail or phone verification. If it’s some regionally popular digital currency, like Webmoney (WMZ) then there might be a currency specific safety requirement (“bl” in case with Webmoney), but in general all that comes from the site users, not the site itself or some government.

There are even people that are willing to sell you Bitcoins for PayPal …but they charge 30x the normal price. That makes sense because PayPal allows a 180-day dispute, usually settling it in the buyer’s favor – so the chance of fraud is too high.

You can even meet with someone near to your location and exchange Bitcoin access codes for cash, which is as anonymous as it ever gets.

LocalBitcoins.Com operates as an escrow service, where the seller’s Bitcoins are deposited into a temporary wallet and not released until the buyer pays. It’s pretty safe for both sides.

Pros of the site: fast, safe, anonymous.

Cons: you might not always find sellers willing to trade BTC with your preferred payment method. Usually waiting a bit solves the problem – more sellers come online hourly.

Sign up today to buy and trade bitcoin is a great exchange where you can buy Bitcoin using credit cards and bank transfer, as well as withdraw your Bitcoin as fiat currencies – same way, to your credit cards or a bank account.

If you do not verify your identity you can withdraw up to $2000 worth of Bitcoin per month, and if you send them your ID and address proof the limit goes up to $100K per month. is also a trading platform so you can trade several pairs of the most popular cryptocurrencies, here is the list of markets as per June, 20th 2016:


The site is UK-based.


2. CoinMama

 coinmama review - buy bitcoins with a card onlineCoinMama.Com could be the easiest way of buying Bitcoin with a credit card online. Credit card payments are fast and secure, and they beat bank transfers of any kind.

While a bank transfer gets completed BTC/USD exchange rate might be different so it’s quite an obsolete method. CoinMama is way simpler – register, pay with your card, indicate the wallet – and receive your Bitcoin.

Apart from credit cards CoinMama accepts Western Union payemnts which matters for some; and it also offers you an option to buy Ethereum ‘coins’ with both credit cards and Western Union.

USA residents: currently not served.

All in all this service is great, sign up now.



expresscoin review - service to buy bitcoin with credit card

ExpressCoin is one of the largest Bitcoin and Altcoin retailers in the USA, so if you can’t use CoinMama use this seller. Everything is completely legitimate and legal here, you can use your credit card and a bunch of other methods to buy Bitcoin.

You’ll need to pass ID verification in order to be able to buy over $9000 worth of coins per day, but if trading is your job you actually want to do it to keep everything transparent and legal.

2017 Update: now redirects to Bitaccess.Co so that’s what it is now. Their website claims they have over 6000 locations in USA, Canada and Europe – so if you’re on vacation somewhere check these guys out for a quick cash buy of some BTC.

Sign up to ExpressCoin.Com


4. BitIt.Gift

bitit buy bitcoin with cash in eu

This is a French-based company that has very low limits for all unverified accounts, – so you’ll have to send them your personal info in order to trade. What may make this worthwile for you is the fact that you can buy Bitcoin for cash with them – they have a set of locations in Europe where you can get “pre-paid Bitcoin cards. Sign up and take a look!



BitPanda is a great service for buying and selling Bitcoin that has earned trust of thousands of users.


You can buy Bitcoin (or Ethereum, Litecoin or DASHcoin) with the following payment methods:

Additionally, you can sell some of your coin and get paid in the following ways:

SEPA voucher

Basically this is your good old exchange, but without a market full of orders with security prices going up and down every minute. At Bitpanda you can buy or sell Bitcoin (and a couple of other major cryptocurrencies) fast and secure.

Sign up now to buy Bitcoin with your credit cards





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