Mothership – The Next Big Ethereum ICO?

Mothership is another Ethereum ICO that starts the crowdsale of its’ tokens really soon (16 hours after I’m writing this post). You can get yours here.

mothership ICO crowdsale starting soon

What’s Mothership? It’s a wallet/exchange/trading platform that will let you host all your crypto trading activities in one place (that’s why the name Mothership). The selling point – Mothership is aimed at European Union residents, and namely, Estonian e-residents.

Estonian e-residency is a promising project (apply for yours here) and having a crypto trading platform glued to your one and only e-ID could be a very convenient thing. It also adds another layer of security (and probably holes for identity theft too, as always unfortunately).

So whether you should buy your Mothership tokens or not is totally up to you. I’ll just say I’m about to get some, because it’s an ICO that’s actually tied to something tangible and with a proven track record (Estonian e-residency program). So there’s that.

This article does not contain any investment advice

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