PocketDice.io review – A Bitcoin Dice Game With Realistic Interface and Plenty of Bonuses

PocketDice is a Bitcoin dice game that stands out of the crowd of generic dice games. The main reasons – its’ interface and bonuses.

The basics

Like most dice games, PocketDice is provably fair, supports instant deposits and withdrawals and is completely transparent. These things are typical for most Bitcoin gambling sites so we’d be surprised if PocketDice did not have them. Accounts are anonymous and you can have as many as you want.


PocketDice position themselves as “the first realistic Bitcoin Dice game” and that is completely true. It’s not a high-tech theme like SatoshiDice – PocketDice is completely classic-themed. Plenty of nice wood and cloth on that table, real dice cubes tossed in a cup, soft sounds.

Check it out:

pocketdice interface classic realistic

Here’s what is what with explanations:

pocketdice interface explained

PocketDice Rewards and bonuses

Immediately after you sign up and set out to play your first game, you get a daily reward offer:

pocketdice daily reward offer

This is really cool. Most old-school fiat currency casinos offer rewards but not Bitcoin dice sites – so this is a really nice touch. Once I picked my card this is the reward offer I got – 34% deposit increase!

34$ deposit bonus for today pocketdice reward

As you see there are faucet-related bonuses and deposit related ones. When you get a faster faucet you will be able to get free Bitcoin to your account to play with – and it will be replenished faster this day (normal speed is once per hour).

Deposit bonuses are pretty clear – e.g. if you deposit 1 BTC you’ll get 1.34 on your account as a reward.

I checked other reward options and was offered a faucet increase option which is neat as well:

larger faucet pocketdice bonus

‘Risk’ mode

There’s another game mode that’s unique to PocketDice – it’s called “Risk”. You can play it right after you’ve won a bet – by clicking the red “Risk” button at the bottom of the screen. Here’s where you get then:

In the “Risk” mode you need to select 3 out of 6 possible outcomes of a dice, and if you guessed right – your bet will be doubled.

It’s an interesting mode that most other dice sites don’t have, but be careful with it if you’re probability sniping, not to lose much of your hard-earned Bitcoin.

Gaming experience & resume

PocketDice provides a good gaming experience without a doubt. The interface is clean and classy, it’s always clear what you’re betting and what the probability is – and you can see enough past bets to make educated guesses. The only thing that could improve the website is if you could see more rows with your past bets, like PrimeDice shows you.

All in all this is a great site to play dice at, and if PrimeDice did not exist I would definitely choose PocketDice. If you like to see the actual dice cubes and hear the dice sounds while you play – this platform is for you.

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