Prime Dice Strategy – How To Bet Safely And Win Bitcoin Without Bots or Scripts

The internet is full of PrimeDice bots, hacks and scripts – people keep looking for the easy way to make money on Bitcoin gambling sites. In the end users just end up losing more of their hard-earned Bitcoin, which is absolutely frustrating. No wonder – you can’t win gambling games in the long-term.

First: all bots and scripts are bullshit. There are several reasons I am saying that, they are obvious but still:

a) it’s 2016 and the software has adapted to all the old hacks you see online.

b) there is an auto betting module on PrimeDice that does all the same.

c) your winnings will disappear overnight if you let any application manage your account. It’s all anonymous scripts, you can’t detect or avoid scams here.

d) just do not install any suspicious stuff on your computer, ever. Cryptocurrency field is full of scammers, you can lose your coin easily and there’s no way of getting it back.

Yet I still make occasional money with PrimeDice.

I call the method “probability sniping”, it may or may not work for you, this is no investment advice – gambling is still gambling, and you can lose everything. There are no guarantees, so just read my experiences with the strategy below and make your own judgement.

Let’s get to the essence.

My PrimeDice winning strategy

Like I said, I call this probability sniping, and it’s not based on any hacks or software. It’s all manual action based on the fact that humans are intelligent and random – but the computer will always beat a human in the long term, so remember the rule – you’re in this for the short term. If you haven’t, check the gambling rules article, because it’s the condensed version of what you are reading now. If you don’t follow those rules, you will lose.

I am playing with a 90% win chance, placing mostly very small bets and increasing them once “enough” losses have occurred.

You see, theoretically at 90% win chance you will place 10 bets, win 1 and lose 9. If you bet 1000 satoshis each time, that will mean you win 100 satoshis 9 times and then you lose 1000 in that one time you lose a bet. As a result you are 100 satoshis down. This is how bitcoin dice sites work, in a nutshell.

It’s important you understand that before I explain further. Once again: the gambling sites are designed to win in the long run. No matter how well you are doing now, if you keep playing forever – you will lose. So withdraw your earnings and call it a day once you’ve made back 10-20% of the initial deposit.

1) Here’s how the settings look:

primedice strategy cheat - 90% probability betting

You see the “Win chance” is set to 90%. Whether you set it to “roll above” or “roll below” is absolutely irrelevant.

2) What I am doing

I am placing very small bets one after another. E.g. 100 or 1000 satoshis – if the bet wins I get just 10 or 100 respectively, and if it loses I lose 100 or 1000. Like I said, it’s a 90% win chance, which means that 10% of all the bets I make have to lose.

Now, it absolutely does not mean 1 out of 10 will lose – the pool is a lot larger than that and losing bets are more random than that. But still, after having placed over 100K bets I notice some things that are peculiar to the 90% win chance setting, e.g.

  • – more than 3 losing bets in a row are very rare
  • – if you’ve seen a lot of losing bets (e.g. 4-5 losing bets for 15 bets placed) – you will likely have a loss-free period after that
  • – vice versa – if you’ve seen a lot of winning bets in a row don’t increase your bet and wait out.


Primedice winning strategy increase bet after a losing bet
Lost 9K – and then won 10K

Basically what I am doing is “waiting” out the losing bets with small amounts. I’d be placing 100-satoshi bets 20, 30 times, then eventually losings several hundreds and once the losing bets are all “over” I’d be increasing my bet to e.g. 40000 satoshis winning 4000 all at once. After several large winning bets it’s a good time to decrease bets again, maybe not to 100 but, say, to 1000 or 5000 winning 100 or 500 satoshis each time respectively.

Here’s an example of this method working:

primedice winning strategy in action
In this case 10K satoshis is my “small” bet, so I can go faster. After getting a losing bet and then rolling twice more “to be sure” – I place a large bet of 50K and win. Then I reduce it back to 10K and lose again, but after that I up the bet to 50K and win 4 times in a row, making back the 10K I lost and moving forward a bit too.

It’s not software-based, there is no strict counting here, but this method absolutely works for an easy 20-30% deposit increase. I guess what works is the human randomization and “feel” helps snipe probability.

3) How to avoid common mistakes. Rules.

In order to keep this a money-making method and not just gambling, there are several rules you absolutely MUST follow. I’ve drafted the general money-maker’s gambling rules based on this, so many things intersect, but the rules below have more details.

  • Set an amount you won’t go below with your bets – a threshold.

If you deposited e.g. 30 000 000 satoshi – use 5mln for your betting leverage and do not place bets higher than those that will put you under 25mln if you lose the bet. E.g. – if you are nearly sure the next couple of bets will be winning, place up to 5mln satoshis’ bets, and not more. If they lose you’ll get down to 25mln and it’s still possible to get back to 30mln going slow, but if you’re down to 10mln or below – recovery is nearly impossible.

  • Always withdraw your first 10-20% winnings.

This is necessary to keep your spirits high. Once you start working with this strategy you can make a lot of coin, fast – but then your judgement starts to weaken and you get reckless. Trust me you will. As a result you will place too many large bets in a row, lose your winnings, and maybe even lose parts of the deposit after that. In the end you’ll get demoralized and tired, and in the negative.

Solution: win a couple of bucks and withdraw them to your wallet. You’re in this to make money, so stack that coin. Feels good man.

  • Stop soon. N O B O D Y wins gambling games in the long term, you’re in this for the short term.

Moreover, with Bitcoin dice games there are more factors that require you to stop soon, even though the strategy can technically be working forever. All these factors may be taking place IMO: a) the system might be learning your patterns and arranging losing bets closer to times when you’re likely to up your bet (yeah I know they are provably fair but still, who knows) b) you actually get tired. This method is not easy money, and you need to stay alert and focused. c) you get emotional and place huge bets to “make back” what you’ve just lost – and that’s when you lose it all.

For me, 40-50 minutes of playing dice is the limit. If I deposit 3mln satoshis and increase it by 700K – that’s the perfect stage to stop. I withdraw it all and move on with the day. You can use the winnings  (no matter how small) to add to your trading portfolio and buy some new weird coin – who knows, it might shoot up. Anyways – tons of uses for your winnings that are better than placing more bets after winning 20% of the deposit.

  • Stay random. This is the only chance to temporarily win.

If you are upping your stake 2 bets after the losing bet every time, all the time – sooner or later you will be caught and lose a huge bet. Vary your timing – keep your mind on the 10% losing probability but still vary it as much as you can.

  • No more than 2 “high” bets in a row.

This is super-safe, but also very slow. I’m often making more “large” bets in a row, but that’s also relative to the amount I’m comfortable with losing. E.g. if my self-appointed threshold is 500K away I might be making several 100K bets in a row.

  • Never, ever, EVER place an even larger bet right after losing a lot thinking you will “make it back quick”. Always go back to the small bet after losing.

Two losing bets in a row at 90% win chance can and will happen very often. The highest I’ve seen so far was 4 losing bets in a row, then a winning one and THEN two more losing bets. Obviously after that there was a period with 40 or so winning bets.

This is often happens when you play too long, so breaking a rule leads to another rule being broken. I call this “rage betting” – you are exhausted and emotional, you lose your large 50K (e.g.) bet and – right after that you set your bet to 200K thinking “you’ll show her now”. And bam – another lost bet. You just lost 50K, and then instead of making 20K you lost 200K. You’re now set back a hundred of clicks. congrats.

Here’s an example of such a mistake:

common primedice betting mistake
I was getting greedy. Betting 50K and winning, reducing back to 9K bets “on time”. But then after I lost the 9K bet I thought I’d compensate fast for that with this 80K bet… But it never works that way!

Instead: If you lose a large bet – immediately reduce your bet and click through more possible losses.


Why this method works

This method words, I’ll reiterate, because I follow the rules above.

I can make money with Bitcoin dice games playing like that because I set lower thresholds I don’t cross, I do not increase bets after losing, I stop playing early enough and I withdraw my winnings.

While I was still finalizing the rules, each time I did the opposite – I lost. You will too. If you place bets that potentially put you below your threshold, if you do not withdraw earnings, if you try to “win back” or “compensate” right after losing a big bet, or if you play for too long at once – you will lose too.

If you keep a sober mind and remember that you’re interested in short-term gain only, you will learn when to stop with the higher bets, and there will be a lot of beautiful moments like this one:

primedice strategy learning where to stop

You can “feel” the right times when you play short games, before you get tired and/or the system adapts to your betting style.


What you need to win

  1. Sign up to PrimeDice
  2. PrimeDice has a BTC faucet that will give you 200 satoshi if you have 0 balance. Get the 200 and practice!
  3. Deposit some Bitcoin (Do not deposit your rent money! Just add a couple of bucks worth of BTC to get into the thrill)
  4. Follow the rules!
  5. Finally deposit larger amounts to make some significant coin.
  6. Follow the damn rules!
  7. Stack that coin:
earn bitcoin by playing dice games
At least 4 BTC in this wallet came from probability sniping!


If you have any questions – just ask away in the comments!

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