ZrCoin – An ICO that lets you invest in an actual blockchain-backed commodity

Here’s an interesting one for those of you hunting for mid-term cryptocurrency-related invsetments.

ZrCoin investment scam or not

ZrCoin (saw the ad @ r/BTC) is a Russian enterprise that is crowdfunding part of a Zirconium mining operation. In a nutshell, they will be getting the rare element Zirconium from industrial waste using a know-how method, and they are getting part of the cash they need by launching a cryptocurrency – ZrCoin.

By buying ZrCoin the investors will be entitled to returns once the enterprise starts making money (within one and a half years according to them). Read more on their site if you are interested and want to dig deeper.

Is ZrCoin a scam or not? We can’t really tell at this point, and we’re not going to speculate here. We’ll only say that the general idea of having a blockchain instead of issuing shares is a very logical idea to manage equity of the company. No matter if the actual Zirconium production business is going to take off, once the ZrCoin cryptocurrency makes it to the cryptocurrency exchanges there will be one more chance to earn coin more in this world.

If you want to take part in the ZrCoin operation or read more info on it – head to their site.


This article does not constitute any investment advice – use your own judgment and remember to consider all possible risks before sending any funds to anyone!


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